Greek Canadian Hara Niatsika has been in the beauty industry for the past 15 years. After completing her studies in Canada she moved to Athens, Greece where she decided to open her beauty institute HAROULS. Her passion for a minimalist approach to beauty inspired her to found HAROULS, where she offers trainings to other beauty professionals with up-to-date educational seminars as well as customized beauty treatments such as lash and brow enhancement. Her services are a mixture of timeless techniques using contemporary approaches, many of which she learned while living in Canada.

Hara’s passion is to train and pass on her knowledge of her own personalized techniques as well as inspiring her clients to adapt to her ‘clean beauty’ regime of ‘less is more’. Hara’s clients and students invariably receive outstanding care and continual guidance. The word Harouls is derived from the Greek name Hara, which is defined as a state of joy and pleasure. Its meaning embodies our philosophy to beauty, wellness and education. Hara is also privileged to provide educational services and distribution for Global brand Elleebana throughout Greece.