How does it work?

Watch the lessons and do the homework. Follow the process and you will very quickly see dramatic improvements in your work.



•  In this masterclass Hara will go through the importance of those finer details to ensure you can achieve a great lash lift.

•  Shield Placement

•  Lash Placement

•  Proper use of glue

•  Exposing the Waterline

•  Choosing the Correct Shield Size

•  Correct Product Placement for Different Shield Sizes

•  Reversal

•  Correcting Over Curled Lashes

•  Most common mistakes

•  Hara explains in more depth the importance of getting these points right, what can go wrong and in-depth product knowledge.




•  Hara’s secrets on how to achieve the ‘perfect natural brow’

•  Favorite tools (drugstore and professional)

•  Precision brow trimming demo

•  Brow soap demo

•  Steps to full brows

•  Common mistakes

•  How to style and shape very blonde brows

•  How to build even the thinnest brows

•  Secret Henna demo – water-colour technique




•  How to give your work the credit it deserves by mastering your photography and editing skills. The system Hara shares on this course can be applied to any smartphone or camara.

•  Taking photos with a ring light/Glamcor/natural lighting

•  Cool, warm and mixed lighting

•  Using depth to create visual interest

•  Shooting angles and client posing

•  Secrets to create professional photos by just using your phone and inexpensive gadgets

•  Importance of focus and exposure

•  Editing: Hara discusses the importance authenticity, believability and imperfection when editing.

•  Complete editing process demo using specific apps



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